Red Dot magnifier (3x power flip to side) UTG problem

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Red Dot magnifier (3x power flip to side) UTG problem

Post by Chopins11th » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:52 pm

I’ve run into an issue that I do not know what the fix is as of yet: The “field of view” through the 3x flip to side magnifier (UTG brand). I have found that to have a full field of view, I’ve got to be inside a couple inches at most from eye to magnifier lens. (This does not worry me too much about the propensity of getting a nice “eye stamp” from the recoil and being so close to it with my eye. It’s the fact that (if you look closely at this set up) I had to place the unit (magnifier) to the most rearward position on the top rail and after installing my “new set up” new Magpull furniture (stock and forend), I had to also leave all 4 of the extension inserts out of the set up on the stock, making it as close to the rearward positioned magnifier as possible. Anyone who has one of these stocks knows how short that stock is when it’s left without any of the inserts. I STILL have to push it against my shoulder with some force to get close enough to get the full view of the magnifier’s end piece glass.

Is there anyone else who has had this issue? Or is there a solution ergo a different brand of red dot magnifier that would enable having my eye further away but still getting the use of seeing the full view through it? Unfortunately, I just sold my AR10 garnished with an Eotech 512 and 3x Magnifier (also Eotech brand) that I had no problem seeing through, but I am not in the position at the moment to spend another $500 just for a magnifier. Pocketbook in mind, does anyone have any ideas? I like the Bushnell TRS-25 red dot quite a bit contrary to what I thought before buying such a low-priced unit. I have mostly C’more mini-dot and rail red dot’s aside from a myriad of Vortex units but I’ve no idea why I’m mentioning this now as the dot sight doesn’t have anything to do with the magnifier in the sense of getting that full optic open view at a longer distance. Is it BRAND specific? Please advise and thank you for ANY of your thoughts/advice.
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