My new 870 build

Tactical, combat, military, law enforcement and home defense use of a Remington 870 shotgun.
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Re: My new 870 build

Post by nbk13nw » Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:38 pm

Kentactic wrote:Not crapping on your setup but that red dot is begging to be bent out of zero.
I agree. So far all is good. But with everday use will most likely cause it to be bumped. So although I do like the interation of that mount I am thinking of a rail mount solution. Seems it would stand up a lot better to everyday use.

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Re: My new 870 build

Post by Synchronizor » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:35 pm

As I understand it, the SpeedBead was intended to be used for hunting or competition, and the mount seems fine for those purposes. There are probably better options if you want something that can take a lot of abuse, but I'd think a good set of iron sights would be tougher than any optic.

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