Hello from So. California (and dev. thread)

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Re: Hello from So. California (and dev. thread)

Post by Synchronizor » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:16 am

Saving the parts is a smart move. I tried the extra-heavy carrier dog follower spring for a while myself; ended up going back to the standard-weight spring (albeit a Marine Magnum version, since I had one lying around) because all the heavier spring did was make the action stiffer to cycle. And it's nice to be able to switch back to a lighter sear spring for target shooting or hunting.

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Re: Hello from So. California (and dev. thread)

Post by SoCal_Rem870 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:48 am

Long time, no update. Time for an update (and a partial review of a recoil pad).

So, I finally took out the 870 at the tail-end of fall, and put some shot to paper. Was hoping to shoot some clays, but missed the opportunity to do that. Anyways, my dimple removal is apparently flawless (carefully hammered them out using a ball peen hammer with the magazine tube slid over a 3/4" diameter cylinder of steel billet held in a vice; with final sanding for smoothness), as the +3 extension I installed functioned without issue. My, but does the 870 kick like a mule compared to my .308 and venerable 35 Rem Game Master! And so it's time for an upgraded recoil pad. I decided to keep things simple and went with a Limbsaver Air-Tech Slip-on Recoil Pad (Model Number #10550, Size: Small; *NOT* Size: Small-Medium!). Yes, I posted the specific part number, as it is annoying as hell to read, "I put a Limbsaver on it!" when that could literally mean one of a number of Limbsaver products that look just like this one! As a relatively new Remington 870 owner, I understand that lack of surety/frustration regarding knowing what *specific* part to get, and so to those who may have been wondering which one it is, you are welcome! As you can see below, I have a standard, bare bones, least expensive, wood furniture Remington 870 Express.


I have added a Remington 20" Police Barrel (parkerized), Remington +3 extension (the barrel clamp is not shown in this picture, but I do now have it installed), a Trinity Force picatinny rail/side saddle mount (which fits perfectly, and with *NO* play of any kind!), and the Limbsaver recoil pad. I have seen many threads on recoil pads and how they just don't fit quite right. As you should be able to see, this particular Limbsaver recoil pad fits *perfectly* on a standard 870 Express wooden stock *when the original recoil pad has been removed*. I first slid it over the stock with the regular recoil pad still attached, and while it did go somewhat into place, it was too small to properly encapsulate the original recoil pad while still attached to the stock. A Medium or Large size slip-on Limbsaver might fit over the standard recoil pad properly, but will add 1" to the length-of-pull in the process (which does not suit my arm length). I look forward to taking it out soon, after which I will post a follow-up on my opinion of the Limbsaver's performance (while also wearing a Caldwell/Past Super Mag Plus Recoil Shield).

Last, I have updated my previous picture links, so they should show up now.

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