Rem 870 Express Super Mag Barrel help please!

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Rem 870 Express Super Mag Barrel help please!

Post by BL54FD » Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:48 pm

I just picked up a 870 express Super Mag on a fantastic deal. It has the typical 28 inch barrel. I want to convert it to home defense and a barrel like the Mossberg 18.5 with breacher. Will it work on this gun? I realize that the 3 1/2 shells would go away but I am fine with that. What if any furniture would be best ( Magpul) Just getting started as I want to dress her up. Thanks any thoughts or input greatly appreciated. This is my first 870 as I have always been a 1100 guy so help me out here please!

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Re: Rem 870 Express Super Mag Barrel help please!

Post by Synchronizor » Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:27 am

You can put any standard 12ga barrel on the 3.5" receiver, even an old 2.75"-only. You'll just be limited to shells that the barrel is chambered for. Those Mossberg barrels with the massive breacher/muzzle break/whatever hanging on the end are stupid, though. You'll be far better off with a regular short barrel, or even a hunting barrel cut down to a length appropriate for HD.

The best furniture is whatever looks and feels good to you. There's no inherently superior set that will make someone a better shooter. Some add features, some make the gun lighter or more weather-resistant, but don't feel like you have to upgrade if your current set is working for you.

Also, the SuperMag fore-ends are slightly different than Magnum fore-ends. The latter usually need to be modified to work with a SuperMag.

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