C-Duck - Prepping My 870 to be Re-Dipped

Remington 870 Repair and Gunsmithing.
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C-Duck - Prepping My 870 to be Re-Dipped

Post by C-Duck » Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:33 pm


So I am in the process of refurbing my 870 Super Magnum. I believe I got this weapon more than 20 years ago, and it was my first new out of the box gun. It has been used extremely hard as my every day go to duck gun every year. I have cycled thousands and thousands of rounds through her. But, now it is time to give her some love back. I need to tear her down, replace what needs to be replaced and have her Mossy Oak Break Up pattern re-dipped and basically make this gun brand new again. I have attached a few photos of what she looks like today.

I have torn her down to her parts, but need advice on what is needed to prep the barroll and receiver so I can send them out to be re-dipped in Mossy Oak Break Up. I assume I need to use some sort of chemical remover or solvent to remove what is left of the old camo job that has not chipped off or rusted off. What do I use and how do I do that? Once I do that, do I need to then remove all rust? Just not sure how to prep it.

This is my first series of questions in what I gather will be a lengthy process. Thanks for any help or guidance.
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