Adding rifle sights?

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Adding rifle sights?

Post by jhartmac » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:55 pm

Ok I have a nice blued 870 marked Police Magnum. And Im going to register it as a SBS, I have a place to purchase a 14" blued magnum barrel it comes with a bead sight Id like to add rifle sights, does anyone know how its done? are these silver soldered or how are they attached? Scattergun can do it but they are prob going to add a ghost sight to the receiver. That's all good except I also need to keep my regular blued 20" rifle sight magnum barrel as well. IF scattegun does the work for me, not sure if the rear ghost site will match up with my 20" rifle sights when the 14" isn't attached...…..SO that's why I was thinkin of just adding rifle sights to the 14" and forget that rear ghost sight on the receiver.

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Re: Adding rifle sights?

Post by DaveC » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:47 am

Seems like a reasonable idea to me. You might consider getting something like XS sights on the 14-in. barrel, with a wide, high-visibility V notch rear sight, and a tritium large front sight. The 20 inch can have regular rifle sights. Not long ago I got a rifle-sighted 20-in. barrel for my S&W Howa 3000 870 clone.
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