Remington 870 Police rear rifle sight

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Remington 870 Police rear rifle sight

Post by standerson » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:48 pm

Just picked up a 870 Police Mag but it was missing the rear rifle sight.

I purchased one from Part #F420137, the white arrow rear sight assembly.

There is a pin/screw that goes into the right rear corner of the base and runs right to left and clamps the sight base onto the dovetail. Mine came without one.

I called Remington and they sent me the screws the hold the front aperture to the base, part # F28505. I called again and was asked "Why don't you just use the old one?"

Does anyone know what the part number is for what I am looking for?


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Re: Remington 870 Police rear rifle sight

Post by Synchronizor » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:50 am

It took some digging, but by cross-referencing a shop manual I have with my copy of Remington's 2014 parts list, I think the part you're looking for is #F90906 - ELEVATION SCREW - HEX (RIGHT SIDE OF SIGHT 5/64 head). I don't have any direct evidence such as a diagram to confirm the fit, but it does seem to be listed for the Remington shotguns & rifles that share that rear ramp-style sight, and I have heard folks mention that the old flathead screws that used to be used for this were replaced with a hex screw.

If you try it and it is correct, please let me know. The elevation screw on my old rifle-sight barrel is getting stripped-out, and could use replacing.

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