New project

Discussion of the Remington 870 for hunting.
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New project

Post by Nyati » Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:52 pm

Hi all,

SO I alluded to this in my introduction post: I'm currently selling my 525 in order to branch out a little.

I will be purchasing a 20 bore ou for upland shooting, probably a browning sp1 sporting as they swing amazingly and they're beautifully built. In conjunction, I want to purchase something for turkeys (moving to the US in about a year), waterfowl and the odd pig. I've done a lot of reading on the 870 and it's definitely my #1 option after using one on a shoot a year back. My issue is, the wingmaster is far too glossy for what I need it for and I've read that the express has serious quality control issues. With this in mind, would it be advisable to buy an express (magnum or super magnum?) and gut it, replacing the internals and blue printing the action or should I purchase the wingmaster and refinish the action to something matte?

I know wood isn't advisable in wet environments, but I detest plastic... Would a wood stock and forend be that big of an issue, assuming the shotgun is well taken care of? I'm pretty fussy about wiping down and so on, I find it therapeutic.


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Re: New project

Post by Scorpion8 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:55 pm

Wood isn't the best option in wet environments for rifle, because if the barrel channel warps or swell it will put pressure on the barrel, changing the point of aim. However for a 2-piece shotgun stock like an 870, none of those issues are pertinent. The forearm and butt stock don't connect in any way, and the pump forend is basically just a grip to use when cycling the action. The main reason not for slick, glossy wood is to keep a firm grip when the shotgun is wet in a duck environment, and not to get nice wood all beat-to-snotty climbing in and out of duck blinds and duck boats.
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