Recommened shells for 870 express 12 gauage,

Discussion of the Remington 870 for hunting.
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Recommened shells for 870 express 12 gauage,

Post by Dmarshall616 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:14 pm


I am having an issue with my 870 express 12 gauge, I cannot find a shell that works for this gun consistently and dependently. It has the fully rifled barrel on it with cantilever mount, my scope is sound and properly leveled, all mounting hardware is torqued to spec. with 1 drop of thread lock on each bolt and hold down screw, and still my gun wont hold a nice consistent group. I have tried Remington accutips, hornadys, federals, Winchesters, copper sabots, I have not tried light fields yet. my grouping is consistent 3 shots at 50yrds with a 2" group, and then randomly my 4th shot will veer 4 " left or right for no reason, and this is with a table and a lead sled rest. just wondering what the heck is happening with it, anyone have recommendations or solutions??? thanks!

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