ISS, Springs, and more

Tactical, combat, military, law enforcement and home defense use of a Remington 870 shotgun.
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ISS, Springs, and more

Post by Kentactic » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:17 pm

This article im quoting is off a forum appearantly off remingtons site back in 2006 so some of these might have changed since then. If so let me know.

My Express is around a year old for reference.

First question. Is this an issue i need to correct on my Express? Is there some sort of mechanism that locks the gun up rendering it useless under certain circumstances?
• Police shotguns do not have an ISS (Integrated Safety System) which is a locking mechanism on the safety of commercial shotguns. This type of locking mechanism can cause delay to an officer who needs the weapon but does not have the appropriate key. LE shotguns have the standard, proven, cross bolt safety.
Next, why does my Express have an extended tube if this is the case?
• The Express model will not allow for the addition of an extension tube without physical modification to the tube and barrel, which can nullify the warranty.

My Express is parkerized.
• The Express model has a BEAD BLAST BLUE finish while the Police models utilize either High Luster bluing or Parkerization.
Would my Express have this extractor already? if not where can i find this beefier extractor?
• Police shotguns use machined ejectors and extractors, as opposed to powdered metal cast which are utilized on the Express models.
Next where can i find a beefier magtube spring? From time to time i have to beat the tube to unjar the next round to the front of the tube. I already put in a modified follower.

Id like to make my 870 as tough as possible. I already ordered the 1100 dog carrier spring. I beat this gun up a lot and shoot slugs and heavy recoil 00 Buck shot. I need this gun to work every time no matter what.

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