1st post and a good source for DIY 870s

Tactical, combat, military, law enforcement and home defense use of a Remington 870 shotgun.
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1st post and a good source for DIY 870s

Post by tracker201 » Thu May 17, 2018 12:35 am

This is my first post so in case its been posted before just ignore.

I kinda like 870s, I have 7, 3 have tax stamps, I recently purchased two former Police guns for 150 each. The source was large Police Suppliers that trades with law enforcement. One is a 20 inch with extended tube and polymer furniture. It belonged to a state wildlife agency. Someone had dropped it and busted the toe of the stock. New stock, mag spring and follower, added a sling and a GOOD cleaning and its ready to go.

The current project is blue steel with wood furniture. It has a University Police property sticker on the stock that is unreadable.
I was going to practice home cerakoting .

But after a good cleaning, I think I will just put a folding stock Remington factory on it from my parts bin.

Most of the Law Enforcement dealers sell to the public. call and Ask and then look over the selection. If you make friends with the dealer they can keep you updated when new trade-ins will be arriving.

I'm not a dealer I just enjoy cleaning up and tinkering with used stuff. If you are around Georgia or Tennessee Craigs Firearms in Knoxville or GT Distributors have a good selection. You may have to ask "whats in the vault"


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Re: 1st post and a good source for DIY 870s

Post by Synchronizor » Sun May 20, 2018 1:04 am

Welcome to the forum. Now you know we have to ask for pictures of those rescues.

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