Rem 870 20ga

Tactical, combat, military, law enforcement and home defense use of a Remington 870 shotgun.
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Rem 870 20ga

Post by sw-punisher » Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:29 pm

Hey guys. How many of you use a 20ga 870 for HD? What accessories would you recommend?

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Re: Rem 870 20ga

Post by Synchronizor » Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:37 am

I use one shotgun for everything, so mine's a 12ga; but a 20ga is an excellent choice for HD, arguably better than the 12. Both will stop an unarmored attacker at close range with a single good hit, but a 20ga gun will handle better and kick less. The 12ga has an advantage at longer ranges or through some barriers because it can handle larger shot sizes, but those aren't normally concerns for home defense.

Useful accessories for the 20ga would be the same as the 12ga, but as always, the specifics will depend on your situation. Sidesaddles, magazine extensions, lights, and followers that are easier to see or feel are popular ones. Others like aftermarket stocks, fore-ends, and sights are more a matter of preference. Slings, lasers, optics, and so on may be useful in special cases, but tend to be pointless inside the home. Full-length rails, muzzle devices, heat shields, and other "tacti-cool" add-ons usually just add aesthetic appeal.

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Re: Rem 870 20ga

Post by Underdog » Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:56 pm

I use 20g both for HD and range work. Mine is equipped with a 13" LOP stock and an 18" barrel with a modified choke and a sling. I use #3 buck and rifled slugs for HD and just #7 shot for range practice and training. I enjoy shooting the 20g as I am more accurate and comfortable with it. I like to keep my gun simple, no lights or other stuff hanging off of it. But that is a personal choice.

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Re: Rem 870 20ga

Post by DaveC » Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:03 pm

I agree with what our first two posters have recommended:

1. Ensure that the firearm chosen, in this case, a 20-gauge shotgun "fits" the intended users. Likely as not, this implies shortening the length-of-pull on the stock. In my own case [admittedly, on a 12-gauge gun], I not only shortened the length-of-pull for shorter people, but I chose a pistol-grip type stock because I could hold it into my shoulder for longer periods without muscle strain like with a conventional stock, and so I could use my support hand for opening doors, operating a cell phone, etc. etc.

2. A light is almost always a good idea for a defensive shotgun. I live in a tiny house, and so I am a bit more concerned than other folks with getting hung up or snagged on furnishings, book shelves, etc. So I have the EOTech IFL forend installed. It is a 120 lumen light that does not stick out like the Surefire models. I also eschew using a sling for the same reason, although I do attach a sling when afield or when I'm taking a defensive shotgun class.

3. Some folks--myself included--like having a bit of extra ammunition with the shotgun. In my case, I think an additional four shells in a side-saddle-type carrier is sufficient. Others like 6-shot or even 8-shot shell carriers. Do think about overall weight and balance issues, however.
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Re: Rem 870 20ga

Post by Zebra62 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:40 am

We have a 20 gauge in our arsenal too, mostly for my wife to use as it does have a shorted LOP than my 12 gauge Tactical and it doesn't kick nearly as hard. Gypsy can handle it much better.

We have chosen to keep the traditional stock set-up over a pistol grip for two reasons: First is it doesn't cost me anything to leave it there and it works just fine. Second is that if she gets in a situation where she needs to pummel someone across the chin with the stock, she doesn't have to reposition her hand like she would if she had a pistol grip. My Tactical retains the original synthetic stock for the same reasons. DaveC does make a valid point for the pistol grip as it does allow for less muscle strain during longer periods of engagement.

Other accssesories on ours are currently limited to increased shell capacity. She has a Choate 5 round magazine extension (whick sticks out a full five inches past the muzzle - it doesn't hinder the operation of the weapon) giving her an internal capacity of 10 and 1. She has a Mesa Tactical 6 round side saddle ( modification of the original laminated forend is required, if so equiped ) and an Uncle Mike's 5 round butt cuff. 22 rounds total capacity. LOTS more ammo close on hand in various holders, stippers, bandoliers, belts and bags.
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