Honor system combat loading

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Honor system combat loading

Post by EdwardE » Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:52 am

I'm sure there are many on this forum who run drills with loading; either live (hopefully at a range or out in the boonies) or with snap caps or inert rounds. I use snap caps as a misfire in the home would not be welcome by any stretch and it's a whole lot cheaper (plus I can do it anytime, anywhere). One drill I've been working on is combat loading: empty magazine and chamber with 5 shells in arms reach and no time to reload the magazine; starting with an open chamber each shell is loaded one at a time, placed on target, fired, realoaded and repeated till all shells are gone. I know this is a somewhat static drill: there's no pressure other than the stop watch and no recoil or other distractions to deal with. When I started doing this a few weeks ago I was in the 15 second range or worse, short stroking the slide, releasing shells too early or at bad angles and executing other less than desireable mishaps. I've progressed a little bit; time is now around 12.5 seconds (still slow) but my slide performance is much better. I still suffer with the occasional mis-feed. I tried two variants (underhand and overhand) with overhand working much better for me though I see a slight advantage with underhand in terms of travel motions to get back to the slide.
If you're interested, post your combat reload times and tell us if you're using a shell carrier or not and what reload technique you use.
So, no shell carrier, overhand load in 12.5 seconds.

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