Info and suggestions needed for my build

Tactical, combat, military, law enforcement and home defense use of a Remington 870 shotgun.
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Re: Info and suggestions needed for my build

Post by Dr. Marneaus » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:33 pm

roamingaz wrote:That does look good! The rear sight looks like a LPA? what did you use for a front sight?
I won a ebay auction for a rear LPA ghost ring sight and trying to figure out the front sight. SO far I am looking at Scattergun Tech or HiViz.

Thanks. I don't know what the rear sight is, but LPA sounds familiar.

No idea on the front either, it came on the gun and was permanently attached.

Look up whatever comes on a mossberg 930SPX and that's what it is.
Vitaly wrote:Dr. Marneaus, that is great paint job!
Thanks. That was a fun afternoon.

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Re: Info and suggestions needed for my build

Post by Ace of Spades » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:02 pm

The 870 you have chosen is a great HD weapon right out of the box. There really is not much need to modify it but I completely understand the temptatation!!!!
Maybe a lot of people will disagree with me here but a pistol grip 870 is really a reflex weapon. Meant to be shot from the hip. The police and military use them as "Masterkeys" for opening doors. However it's going to give you the best available CQC weapon available at any price. I would resist modding as much as you can but keep it simple. I would suggest leaving the trigger alone. Maybe a Vang Comp follower, Magpul front sling attachment, Magpul single point sling so the gun can't be pulled away from or pointed against you and a tritium front sight ... 4A781FEDB7} This is the most important for HD. I use a Blackhawk 55 shell bandolier instead of shell carriers which I think look good but get in the way.
Spend your extra $$$$$ on ammo or maybe an Express Tactical or ET Magpul Version. Both have ghost ring sights and pic rail so you can add red dots etc. Great for the range or hunting.
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