Best source of barrels - 12ga, mid-80s? Compatibility breakpoint?

Discuss all accessories and upgrades available for the Remington 870 shotgun: stocks, forends, barrels, chokes, magazine extensions, followers, safeties, sights etc.
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Best source of barrels - 12ga, mid-80s? Compatibility breakpoint?

Post by DeltaNu1142 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:30 pm

I have a 12-ga 870 gifted to me by my brother years ago. It's become my favorite firearm for general use. It has an 18.5" IC barrel with rifle sights, and I can hit a man-sized target at 100 yds with a slug. The barrel code is OD, which if I'm reading it right is a July 1983 manufacture.

I tried a few years back to fit a newer 28" barrel to it for sport shooting, but it never cycled correctly. I assumed it had to do with the fact that the barrel was new, but the receiver was old.

The 18.5" barrel is flaking pretty badly on the inside. I'm probably the fifth owner of this thing, and while I clean it after every outing, its maintenance history is spotty. I'd like to find a replacement barrel for it. It's sort of a beater, but it's been reliable. I suppose I can just shoot it until the barrel rots off--especially seeing as it still serves its purpose even out to longer-than-expected distances--but I'd like to know where I could get a barrel or barrels for it that will work reliably.

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Best source of barrels - 12ga, mid-80s? Compatibility breakpoint?

Post by Scorpion8 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:30 pm

First off I would call Remington tech support to see what info they can give you on what fits, and what doesn't. Then a source of used 870 barrels is endless. Numrich has many, and I've been happy with purchases there. Also eBay or GunBroker, altho' both are caveat emptor. My LGS also used to have a tub of used barrels that I would pick thru. Finally Remington's part store itself has a good offering of barrels. New barrels can also be had from Mossberg and many online sporting goods retailers.
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Re: Best source of barrels - 12ga, mid-80s? Compatibility breakpoint?

Post by Germansheperd » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:31 pm

Best source of barrels is anywhere honestly. It’s odd you had cycling issues. Ive put new barrels on 50s and 60s vintage guns with great success.
Gun shows for used,, midway USA, buds gun shop, are all great places for new barrels.

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