Flexi-Tab Upgrade: Practicality and Probabilities

Discuss all accessories and upgrades available for the Remington 870 shotgun: stocks, forends, barrels, chokes, magazine extensions, followers, safeties, sights etc.
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Flexi-Tab Upgrade: Practicality and Probabilities

Post by Chilly » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:09 pm


I have three older 12 ga 870, and after considering the FlexiTab upgrade I have decided to do nothing instead. Here are some reasons why.

The 870 earned a reputation for reliability and durability long before the flexi-tab came around. While I appreciate that Remington made the effort to improve their design, I do not think the advantage of the upgrade warrants refitting earlier guns.

Flexi-Tab addresses operator error. I do not consider myself immune from olerator error, but I can recall locking up an 870 one time due to this particular loading error. I believe it was one of the first few outings with my first 870 when I was 13 yr old.

To determine the probability of sequential events all lining up to arrive at a result is calculated by multiplying the probability of each individual factor. For example the probability of a coin flip coming up heads (1/2) followed by drawing ace of hearts from deck of cards (1/52) is 0.5 x 0.019 = 0.0095 = 0.95% probability. Lets think about the factors that would lead to a life-risking misfeed error that could be cleared had the weapon had the upgrade.
1. Find yourself in a confrontation where you are using your 870.
2. You've fired your weapon and are reloading. Does not imply that youve shot your gun empty, you shouldnt do that. But I probably wouldnt reload until I fired at least three rounds AND found myself behind good cover with a lull in the action.
3. You fumble the reload and lock up your shotgun.
4. You are unable to get yourself out of harms way or transition to an alternate firearm.
5. Bad guy does more bad things to you or others that you could have prevented had your 870 not been locked up.

I'm not a LEO. My 870 is rarely my primary defensive firearm. I live in the country. I dont run my mouth looking for trouble. I dont use/buy/sell drugs. I dont sleep with other men's women. I dont steal people's property. My job doesnt typically cause me to infuriate people. I have a dog in my house and a pistol on the night stand. If Im carrying an 870 I'm also carrrying a handgun. Without actually giving hard thought to probabilities of the factors I can say with certainty that Id be far better served to wear a helmet while driving a car, selling my motorcycle, and not doing outside on a cloudy day than installing FlexiTab parts.

Counterpoint is the parts arent prohibitively expensive and I've spent money on more trivial expenses. But I'm still not that excited to mess with guns that work as they are.


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Re: Flexi-Tab Upgrade: Practicality and Probabilities

Post by Germansheperd » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:33 am

If your 870 is going to be used in a HD/tactical role by all means do a flex tab conversion. If its occasionally going into the woods I wouldn’t worry just keep a pocket knife on you.
Every older 870 i build for HD/tactical purposes gets a flex tab conversion.

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Re: Flexi-Tab Upgrade: Practicality and Probabilities

Post by BAYN72 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:03 pm

The upgrade will also allow you to “ghost load” your 870 and keep it “cruiser ready” with an empty chamber & an extra round on the carrier.

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