Recoil Pad - 12 gauge Wingmaster - Non Express

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Re: Recoil Pad - 12 gauge Wingmaster - Non Express

Post by ABL1111 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:42 pm

Just spoke to LimbSaver. My Wingmaster BDL's butt, without the OEM butt plate is curved. They do not sell a screw on that will work for a curved butt unless I buy a spacer, available at Brownells, shape that to make the butt flat/ straight and then, they might be able to help fit a screw-on, absorbing butt plate. They do not sell a bendable product to contour to the curved butt. They do not recommend sanding their butt plate to try to match the curve either.

Jeez-Louise !

What a PITA.

Getting closer to the reality of needing a slip-on !

$%^%&&@#$)$%#"><>!@. !!!!

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