Wild goose chase for an optic rail

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Wild goose chase for an optic rail

Post by JoeSalerno117 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:38 am

I may seem very unnecessarily picky about this, but I have looked all over for my "perfect" rail. Right now the top contenders are the discontinued K.A.C. 870 RAS, ATI HALO saddle, Mesa Tactical 8-1/2" sureshell holder, and Aimtech Warhammer rail. I'm looking for something that can hold shells on both sides of the reciever, has about a 10" rail, and if I'm lucky, those canted forward rails like the warhammer has. I figured if anybody would know if something like this existed, it would be you guys. Please tell me if I'm simply searching for something that doesn't exist, and if so, which of the aforementioned rails would you get? Thanks in advance

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Re: Wild goose chase for an optic rail

Post by Synchronizor » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:03 am

I'm not aware of any single top-rail/shell-carrier unit that holds shells on both sides of the receiver. Unless there's some obscure product I'm not aware of (totally possible), your best bet for a similar configuration would probably be to install left- and right-side shell carriers, then go with a separate top rail that screws directly to the gun's receiver. That's adding some serious love handles to your shotgun though, plus a not-insignificant amount of weight once you include shells. Might be worth a giggle on a range toy shotgun, but I tend to go with the less-is-more approach for a serious fighting build.

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