Replacement choke for 870 Express Tactical

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Replacement choke for 870 Express Tactical

Post by AllanRR » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:10 pm

I'm planning on getting a 870 Express Tactical. But the one thing I don't like about it is the funky "door breach/stand-off device" choke it comes with.


I've read that it is bad to shoot the gun without a choke installed so I was wondering what kind of choke (Full, Modified, etc..) I should replace the stock one with, preferably flush fitting with the barrel.

The 870 will be for HD use and I will be using both slugs and buck-shot thru it.



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Re: Replacement choke for 870 Express Tactical

Post by jpfrog » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:44 pm

Are you sure that's a choke, and not a muzzle break attached to the barrel? If it is a choke and screws out, I'd replace it with a cylinder choke. This will give you about as "open" as you can get, which for close ranges of HD, is probably what you want.

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