Knoxx Talon Stock

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Re: Knoxx Talon Stock

Post by m-forgery » Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:49 am

Vitaly wrote:
m-forgery wrote:The only thing I dislike about Knoxx/Blackhawk recoil reducing stocks is that you can use "only" Wilson Tactical/Scattergun Technologies extended safeties. I like and use the GG&G safety and cannot use the Knoxx pistol grip recoil reducing stocks.
m-forgery, what is your experience with GG&G safety? It is rather new and there is no much information about it.
It is an excellent safety. I like the shape and the fact that it has the red ring visible when off safe. S&J, Vang, Wilson are also excellent units, I just prefer the GG&G.

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